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Conversion Racket Case - In The Interrogation Of Three Accused, The Conversion Was Done In 4 Stages_Pic Credit Google

Conversion Racket Case – In The Interrogation Of Three Accused, The Conversion Was Done In 4 Stages

Conversion Racket Case – In The Interrogation Of Three Accused, The Conversion Was Done In 4 Stages

Step 1: Return to Islam

Under this mission, that person is chosen , who can trick people to convert to religion. to elucidate to him the goodness of Islam in his language. The teacher who converted the deaf and deaf children of Noida’s Deaf Society was related to this reverse back to Islam.

Step 2: Mutakki

This would are the second phase of conversion. In this, an honest feeling towards Islam is made before teaching Islam. In this, the person engaged during this mission was called Mutakki within the code language. Irfan Khawaja and Abdul Mannan, former employees and interpreters of the Ministry of kid Welfare, who were caught by the UP ATS, were a crucial link during this mission.

Step 3: The Servants of Allah

Videos are sent through YouTube to people that develop an honest feeling towards Islam. in order that the Maulana engaged within the campaign of conversion happening international level by watching the video and effectively influence the new person walking within the path of that conversion. When an individual likes that video after watching a video on YouTube, suddenly ‘Allah ke Bande’ is written within the message box from an unknown profile.

The words of Allah are a message to those people that promise good job, money, good life, all possible help to impress the person and then phone calls start reaching that person from unknown numbers. The conversation starts. Gurugram resident Mannu Yadav became Abdul Mannan within the same way and Aditya Gupta of Kanpur converted to religion under this. and that they went on becoming fanatical towards Islam.

Step 4: Salaat

One of the foremost commonly used words within the investigation and investigation of UP ATS was Salat. When UP ATS interrogated the arrested accused, it came to understand that this is often a code word. Which is employed rather than Namaz. UP ATS has also found many videos and audios within the investigation, during which the word Salat has been used tons .

UP ATS searched quite 100 audio videos during which this word has been used. which suggests that the prayers of the five times should be strictly followed, prayers should be offered. When someone strictly follows the salat, then he’s converted within the last stage through Islamic Dawa Center.

change mobile contact

When people like Aditya or Abdul Mannan get influenced and begin walking on the trail of accepting Islam, then the saved contact in their mobile is additionally converted into a codeword. for instance within the mobile of Aditya Gupta of Kanpur, his contact numbers were saved by number rather than name.

Use of the word ‘Rahmat’ for funding

During the investigation, UP ATS also came to understand about the utilization of the word Rahmat for funding from abroad. The word Rahmat was wont to ask the cash received after conversion or foreign funding to the Islamic Dawa Center or Fatima Foundation from abroad. consistent with UP ATS Chief Prashant Kumar, Rs 1 crore, 82 lakh, 83 thousand, 910 rupees were deposited within the account of Islamic Medicine Center. during which Rs 50 lakh was deposited from Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Qatar.

What is the stigma of the community?

In the interrogation of UP ATS thus far the utilization of 1 word is that the most pressing. that’s the stigma of the community. it’s not yet clear for whom this word has been used during the conversation. the three people that were arrested by UP ATS on Monday. an effort are going to be made to know this code word by taking interpreters Irfan Khawaja and Abdul Mannan on remand among them. The complete connection of those words that came up within the investigation and interrogation for UP ATS is yet to be explored. it’s a part of the investigation to bring out the complete truth of this conversation happening in Code words.

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