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Up Elections - Congress's 'mission Up' Seems To Be Wandering, A Big Challenge In Front Of Priyanka Gandhi

Up Elections – Congress’s ‘mission Up’ Seems To Be Wandering, A Big Challenge In Front Of Priyanka Gandhi

Up Elections – Congress’s ‘mission Up’ Seems To Be Wandering, A Big Challenge In Front Of Priyanka Gandhi – Political parties have begun arrangements for the get together decisions to be held in Uttar Pradesh next year. The performance of the Congress in the state has been consistently poor. In the 2017 elections, only seven Congress MLAs were elected. For this election, Priyanka Gandhi has taken the front of Congress in UP. Priyanka Gandhi had also visited UP recently but her mission in UP seems to be lost.

Up Elections – Congress’s ‘mission Up’ Seems To Be Wandering, A Big Challenge In Front Of Priyanka Gandhi

Trying to make headlines

Priyanka is making every effort to strengthen the image of Congress. It also includes gathering headlines by protesting against the government. Recently Priyanka went on a Lucknow tour. She had come to lay a wreath at the Gandhi Statue in Hazratganj. Most of the old faces and some new ones are seen in such programs of Congress.

There was a gathering of workers from Chitrakoot to Banda. The crowd was not very much but the enthusiasm among the workers was full. Priyanka, who arrived to pay tribute, suddenly sat on a silent dharna in front of the Gandhi Statue. She was protesting against the political violence in the state. In Uttar Pradesh, Congress is fighting for headlines.

Priyanka’s reputation will also be discounted!

UP has been the ancestral workplace of the Gandhi family. If Priyanka came in the lead role, it seemed that the 2022 elections would be the revival of the party in the state. But right now the situation is that the leaders are thinking in closed rooms that if there is no alliance, then where will the candidates come from to fight on all the seats?

The biggest thing is that if the performance of the Congress in Uttar Pradesh worsens, then the biggest discount will be on the image of the state general secretary Priyanka Gandhi. Priyanka has gone abroad for personal reasons. But before leaving, he has called up the leaders whose candidature is fixed and asked them to prepare for the elections. These include former MLAs and big leaders of the party.

Working President’s Formula

In the interim, the conversation is going full speed ahead that the Congress can make some new arrangements in the Uttar Pradesh organization. The party can get a working president in the state. To woo Brahmins, a Brahmin face can be put forward as the working president. Already Samajwadi Party and BSP are competing to woo Brahmins. Brahmins have been the traditional vote bank of the Congress party, but over the years they have joined the BSP and the BJP.

According to sources, many names like Lalitesh Tripathi, Pramod Tiwari are being discussed for this post. The name of former MP Rajesh Mishra is running in the forefront. Rajesh Mishra is from Banaras. He has held various positions in the party organization. There is also a possibility that Pramod Tiwari should be given the responsibility as the chairman of the campaign committee. However, Pramod Tiwari’s interest is more in Delhi and less in state politics. His daughter Aradhana Mishra is the leader of the Legislature Party and is considered close to Priyanka.

Bad feedback increased tension

Recently, during her Lucknow tour, Priyanka got very bad feedback. The workers had complained to Priyanka about the arbitrariness of some leaders running in the party. According to sources, many people had also expressed their displeasure about the state president. The workers said that there is factionalism within the party, due to which the party has suffered.

Not only this, some leaders told Priyanka that her senior party office-bearers are diverting her from the reality. The leaders do not know the ground reality, due to which the party’s performance in 2022 will be very bad. In Priyanka’s 3-day visit, the leaders also said that in the current circumstances, the seats of Congress are likely to decrease further.

In fact, after taking over the command of Uttar Pradesh, changes were made at the district and block level. Many old leaders were discharged and outsiders were given more attention. Priyanka has received many complaints regarding the change in the organization by taking the state president. Although Priyanka herself is responsible for this change.

Returned to Lucknow after a big gap

Priyanka was also unhappy that a message has gone out in the media that she has returned to the state after a year and a half. However, in the meantime, she has also gone to western Uttar Pradesh and Purvanchal. But it is a fact that she returned to the state capital after some 15 months. As the elections are approaching, the troubles of the Congress are increasing. This is the reason why a large section of Congress is considering the way of alliance as the safest.

If the Congress has an alliance with the SP, then at least there may be something to show for the Congress. This will not affect Priyanka as much and will also save the party from getting gritty. Even before the ordeal of the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, Priyanka’s mission in UP seems to be lost. The question is, what has not happened for two years will now happen in such a short time? Will Priyanka be able to cross the party line in the state? The answer to this question will decide the direction of the graph of Priyanka’s political career.

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